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Traffic, DUI/DWI and Criminal Defense


Quality Legal Representation does not have to be elusive nor prohibitively expensive.  The attorneys at Naumovski Law have handled a expansive variety of criminal cases ranging from traffic-criminal such as Hit and Runs, Driving on Suspended License, Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Influence  as well as robberies,  burglaries, gun charges, abductions, conspiracy related charges, misdemeanor and felony drug possession and PWID charges, larceny based cases, failure to appear charges, assault and batteries, domestic violence, fraud and figuratively everything in between.          

Being charged with a criminal offense is a scary experience for many people.  Not only is an individual looking at the possible consequences of a conviction but the reality that the opposing party is the State itself with its experienced law enforcement and Prosecutors trying to secure a conviction.      

   The best way to level the playing field is with an attorney who will defend your statutory and Constitutional rights, who will take the Commonwealth to task on proving the evidentiary  burdens of reasonable suspension based on articulate facts involving stops, probable cause and beyond a reasonable doubt.         

  Start your legal defense in the right direction by making the winning decision of calling for a free initial consultation.

Meet the Attorneys

sm Rocco Columbus

Rocco Columbus, Esq.

A former Virginia prosecutor who is on your side.   Attorney Columbus has gained extensive experience having concluded  over 1,500 cases including serious criminal ma

sm John Naumovski

John Naumovski, Esq.

Attorney Naumovski started Naumovski Law in 2006.  Since then, he has continuously researched new case law and develop new strategies in helping the firm’s clien


John is a true superstar and professional. Top 1% in his practice of law. His knowledge of the law is truly amazing. He is well respected by his peers, law enforcement, and the judges. He was able to turn a 22 mph over the speed limit reckless driving ticket into a defective equipment zero points on my driver’s license. I am very happy I hired John to represent me. He makes his job look easy and keeps you at ease throughout the entire process. John is the best! Hire him to represent you. You will be glad you did.


I hired John with only one day to work on my case and I couldn’t have asked for a better defense. He convinced the judge to suspend my Level A Misdemeanor and I got out of court with a $50 charge for public intoxication. After our first phone call, he already had a defense ready and worked with me even after the case to see what I would face if I decide to appeal the PI. Highly recommend him.

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Traffic & Criminal Defense Lawyers

Traffic & Criminal Defense Lawyers